small team, big content.

Lollygag labs is owned by, marketed, and developed by an incredibly small team whilst still producing high quality content throughout

Officially started in 2019 by Ian, with a dream to make video games many years before that. Humble beginnings at first by making simple flash games, to complex 3D games, and smooth clean 2D games. Lollygag Labs is forever progressing and growing

We belive in quality

Making high quality clean, simple content  for casual players, hardcore and anywhere in-between to enjoy

Bringing out the best

With smart games that don’t take advantage of your attention with ads and thrown together gameplay


Meet the TEAM



Ian is an eighteen-year-old game developer in Maine, USA, and the creator of Lollygag Labs. He enjoys colorful sunsets, floral clothing, and pineapple on pizza. He has been making games for seven years and professionally making them for over two years, hoping to establish himself in the gaming industry.




Miguel, also known as MIIGØ is a Philippine-based Game Composer for Lollygag Games. With 19 years in his system, he has spent a year and a half of those making music, occasionally producing many genres such as EDM and Hip hop. As an avid game enthusiast, MIIGØ has been dipping his toes in the world of game composition, looking to make a name for himself in the video game industry.




The artist behind the iconic style of Notepad Stickies and Notepad Delivery Service. Gwyneth is a 16-year-old artist with hopes to build her career off art, design and all that jazz!


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